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Vehicle Finance

Do you have your eye on a new vehicle? Perhaps something faster or maybe a little bigger to accommodate the whole family?

From new purchases or refinancing your existing vehicle loan, Mortgage Sure is here to assist you with your vehicle finance. We can help you secure competitive interest rates

There are many benefits to utilising a professional Adviser to assist with finance.



The mortgage itself is the document that the bank uses to take security over your property. So when applying for a ’mortgage’, as most of us say, you’re not actually applying for a mortgage, you’re applying for a home loan.

When you apply to the bank for your home loan and the bank says yes, you can have one they give you the loan but also take out a mortgage over your home. Which means in the event that you cannot make repayments on your loan the bank has the opportunity to sell the house to recoup costs.

Hence the term ‘free hold’, people often use this term when they have finished paying off their home loan. The bank no longer has a mortgage over the property, therefore they own the house free of the hold of the bank’s mortgage.

What companies do you work with when applying for finance?

There are lending companies that we can work with to get you finance for a vehicle, we can also help you apply for a loan from your current bank or other bank to help you get a vehicle for your family or business.

Im looking at getting a new vehicle for my business, can you help me with finance?

Yes, we can help. We will need to gather some information from you about your business, such as profit and loss reports.

Small Business loans

At Mortgage Sure we do business.

At Mortgage Sure we do business, we are after all a small business ourselves. We are proud to support our clients in securing business loans. With our help clients are able to secure finance to start-up new businesses or grow their existing ventures. We pride ourselves on being strategic partners, walking alongside our clients and supporting their start-up’s and growing and championing their success.

Mortgage & Insurance Advisers

Refinancing Home Loans

Not happy with your current bank, another bank is offering a product that is more suited to your needs? Why not consider refinancing.

Mortgage & Insurance Advisers

Next Home Home Loans

Upsizing? Do you have a growing family and need another room or a bigger backyard? Or maybe your kids have left the nest and it’s time to downsize and simplify? Let’s see what your options are.

Mortgage & Insurance Advisers

Holiday Homes

Many Kiwis dream of owning a holiday home, their perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Come chat to the team at Mortgage Sure and we will try to help make owning that holiday home a reality.

Mortgage & Insurance Advisers

Renovating Home Loans

Renovating (and maintaining your home) is the perfect opportunity to increase the value of your home whilst utilising the equity in your home to fund the alterations. Come talk to us about how to go about this.

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