About Us

Talking to someone who gets it really makes a difference.

Mortgage Sure was set up in January 2009 by Mark Davenport to provide Mortgage solutions.

Mark and Ben bring a wealth of experience in the arrangement of mortgage and finance needs. Nearly 10 years since the business’ inception the team has grown considerably.

Mortgage Sure’s main aim is to help customers achieve their goals and making their money go further. Whether that is owning property, refinancing or renovating.

How we will work together to get you that mortgage.

  1. First Chat
    We will get to know you and ensure you know what we do and how we do it. We will talk to you about your goals and ambitions, and whether we can help you. Where possible we would like to have this meeting face to face, however we can also use zoom to connect with you.
  2. Understanding your situation
    We will gather information from you, including family details, income and assets and other financial information. This is usually done at the same time as the first chat, a lot of the time you won’t even know we are doing it!
  3. Research and Recommend
    We’ll research the market and ensure our recommendation is the most competitive conclusion for you, and best suits your needs
  1. Lodge your application
    Once we have gathered the information we need from you and completed our research, we work on putting all the information together as an application for the bank you choose that best suits your needs.
  2. Approval moment
    Congratulations! This is what we live for. Now you know what you can afford and have the thumbs up from the lender for what you need. We will confirm the details with you.
  3. Settlement process and being together for the long haul
    We’ll also be there for you during the settlement process to keep and eye on it all and let you know it has all gone smoothly. We will work closely with your lawyer and real estate agent to make sure that your dream comes together on settlement day.

Our Team

Mark Davenport

Financial Advisor

Ben Graham

Financial Advisor

Ruth Graham

Business Manager & PA

Complaints Process

If you are not happy with the services I have provided please let us know about it. We want to get our services right for you.


The mortgage itself is the document that the bank uses to take security over your property. So when applying for a ’mortgage’, as most of us say, you’re not actually applying for a mortgage, you’re applying for a home loan.

When you apply to the bank for your home loan and the bank says yes, you can have one they give you the loan but also take out a mortgage over your home. Which means in the event that you cannot make repayments on your loan the bank has the opportunity to sell the house to recoup costs.

Hence the term ‘free hold’, people often use this term when they have finished paying off their home loan. The bank no longer has a mortgage over the property, therefore they own the house free of the hold of the bank’s mortgage.

Internal Complaints Process

If you have a complaint about my financial advice or the service I gave you, you need to tell me about it. You can contact my internal complaints service by emailing either: bgraham@mortgagesure.co.nz or mdavenport@mortgagesure.co.nz using the heading Complaint – (Your Name).

Please set out the nature of your complaint, and the resolution you are seeking. I aim to acknowledge receipt of this within 24 hours. I will then record your complaint in our Complaints Register and will work with you to resolve your complaint. I may want to meet with you to better understand your issues. I aim to provide an answer to you within 7 working days of receiving your complaint.

External Complaints Process

If we cannot agree on a resolution you can refer your complaint to our external dispute resolution service. This service is independent and will cost you nothing and will assist us to resolve things with you.

Details of this service are:
Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme